Leadership Search Committees

Riverside Learning is pleased to offer services to facilitate the search process for Central Office Administrative Positions and School-Based Administrative Positions.

Hiring district/school leadership is a complex process. Including crafting a job description that will yield the most qualified and competent candidates, administering needs assessments to get feedback from stakeholders including community members, school committee members, parents, teachers, and support staff, managing interviews, and organizing site visits for successful candidates, Riverside Learning is ready to tailor the search process for your next district or school-based leader.

We can develop a comprehensive search process designed based on your district’s values, needs, and timeline for hiring. Here is some information about our Search Committee services:

Development of Job Description

Attracting high-quality candidates from the local region and from around the country comes down to how the search committee sells itself to potential candidates. Rather than have a cookie-cutter job description attached to your vacancy posting, let Riverside Learning tailor the job description to the needs of your stakeholders. Using data provided by the district, the state, and through stakeholder needs assessments results (please see below) Riverside Learning will show potential candidates how serious you are about the hiring process. A customized job description, including the use of multimedia through social media outlets, will help your district stand out to job applicants.

Facilitation of Stakeholder Needs Assessment(s)

For important leadership positions, it is not practical to have all stakeholders on interview and search committees; however, their thoughts and opinions are vital to ensure the success of your future district/school leader. Prior to the interview process, Riverside Learning can work with your stakeholder groups (teachers, support staff, students, parents, community members, school committees) to solicit their feedback about their wants and needs in their future leader. This data will then be presented to the search committee. This information can be used to develop interview questions, focus group questions, or site-visit questions. If you are a district that values the opinions of stakeholders, we strongly suggest this service.

Development of Supplemental Materials

When applicants are in an interview, they are selling their strengths to the district. Prior to that, it is the district’s responsibility to sell the district or school to applicants. That’s where we come in. Riverside Learning can develop supplemental materials to go along with job postings including videos of stakeholders describing the school districts, development of social media pages (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) designed specifically for this vacancy. In addition, we can create print materials to send to applicants including district profiles, customized accountability results, and more!

Collection/Screening of Applicants

Many districts worry about protecting the integrity of the screening/interview process. Riverside Learning can help protect your district by collecting applications and screening applicants. Through the screening process, Riverside Learning can remove unqualified applicants, applicants not licensed for the advertised position, or applicants with incomplete materials. Knowing your time is sensitive, this will allow districts to focus on the most serious of applicants and to focus time on the priorities of the search process.

For additional information about our process, please contact us at info@riversidelearning.org.