Leadership Coaching and Mentoring

In 2016, former Massachusetts Principal Sandra F. Cummings wrote an article for the National Association for Elementary School Principals. In her article, Mrs. Cummings said, "There were countless times I could have used the wisdom, confidentiality, and experience of a seasoned administrator. ...I wish I could have turned to a mentor to talk through situations and various scenarios. Instead, I was on my own." Do you feel like principals and other school and district leaders expect and deserve better?

Managing an in-district mentoring program for administrators can be challenging and time consuming; however, Riverside Learning is here to help. We have many current administrators ready to help your district leaders succeed. These programs can be tailed to your needs including supporting struggling administrators, supporting new administrators, or for larger districts, facilitating district-based mentoring/coaching cohorts.

Title II grants can be used to fund this initiative! To find out more information about our Leadership Coaching and Mentoring, please fill out the form found below.