Professional Development

Riverside Learning partners with school districts near and far to provide relevant professional development tailored to the needs of each individual school district or organization. Sessions can be run face-to-face, virtually, synchronously, or asynchronously based on your preference. We offer sessions on a variety of topics related to teaching and learning, leadership, parent support, special education, instructional technology, paraprofessional support, and more.

Leadership Coaching and Mentoring

Many school districts provide new teachers with support but often, new administrators are left to fend for themselves. At Riverside Learning, we can match new school administrators with veteran administrators to support school and district leaders. This even includes mentoring for Superintendents! Our coaching and mentoring is informal yet highly personalized. Our coaches and mentors are available to support leaders 24 hours a day for advice and guidance.

Leadership Search Committees

Hiring district/school leadership is a complex process. Including crafting a job description that will yield the most qualified and competent candidates, administering needs assessments to get feedback from stakeholders including community members, school committee members, parents, teachers, and support staff, managing interviews, and organizing site visits for successful candidates, Riverside Learning is ready to tailor the search process for your next district or school-based leader.

Supporting Students

Supporting students in K-12 settings is one of most passionate services at Riverside Learning. From SAT preparation training to personalized virtual tutors, Riverside Education can provide academic supports to students throughout the country. Our student supporters are certified teachers working full-time in the K-12 setting. Their knowledge of content curriculum, teaching, and learning can support students for either short or long periods of time.

Program Audits

All organizations can benefit from having educational partners support program evaluations and audits. Assessing programs such as special education, professional development, or curriculum to help districts develop both short term and long term plans for improvement. If you are looking to review any aspect of your school or organization, Riverside Learning can help you through the process.